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Some introductory notes..

Before we start, we are the only Amazing Selling Machine Review that takes its questions straight to active members of the ASM community. Over the last several launches we have sent a bunch of people onto the ASM course, so now it’s our turn to ask them those itching questions we get back from people looking to get in on the action! If you have a question you want answered please email us at This Q&A style review is based off 36 active members – how do you know this is real? Well you don’t. But if you really want to get in touch with them directly let us know and assuming they are ok with it we’ll pass you on. You’ll be able to confirm with them that they signed up through our Amazing Selling Machine Bonus.

The top 10 most asked questions about ASM

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Question 1 - Is it worth the $4,997 Price Tag?
Well you probably guessed the answer: Yes …. AND No. That is probably not what you wanted to hear but read on to see which side you fall into – Simply put, the course structure will either work for you, or it wont. There was one common theme amongst every student we talked to – around 80% of the people went into the course only because of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee. It made them feel like their $4,997 was ‘safer’. So how many people refunded? Well being as transparent as we can, only 3 people did. After talking with them the common issues were ‘this isn’t for me’ and ‘I didn’t realise I had to put more money in’. Main Points:
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee
  • if you are going to sign up to ASM 6, keep in mind that in addition to the cost of the training course, you will need some capital to buy products which you will sell.
Question 2 - Have you made any money?
This question was posed to all 36 people we signed up – here are the results:
  • 24 People answered ‘Yes’
  • 7 People answered ‘No’
  • 5 People answered ‘Broke Even’
The majority of people on the course have made a profit. (Read onto the following Question for information)
Question 3 - How much money have you made?
Although the course claims you could make in excess of $300,000/Month, that seems to be held true for its most elite students. On average (based on the 24 that answered ‘Yes’ in the above question) students are bringing in roughly a revenue of $10,000-$20,000 Per Month. Click here to see some case studies that were sent to us.
Question 4 - How much have you spent on top of the initial cost of the course?
Students have spent anywhere between $500-$1000 on their first stock – none have spent over a $1000 initially as they wanted to see how much they could shift before fully committing. They all mentioned that as you buy in bulk, the more units you order the cheaper your stock becomes therefore profits will be higher assuming you can move all your stock. However none have taken that risk so far.
Question 5 - Which bonus offer did you go for/find the most useful
When looking for bonuses all students stressed that every time they came across bonus offers that promised thousands of dollars on ‘extra coaching’ made no sense at all – the logic was that this course should offer all they need, and these offers made them question the authenticity of the program – they still however jumped in. The bonus offer they chose was with where they were able to pick up the most valuable useful offer for them. We had one person switch their bonus from ours to another person – we caught up with them and they quoted: “In hindsight I was better off going with your Gift – the additional training and bonus extras made the ASM course very confusing. The course is designed in a specific way so unless you know the material of the new course, which it seems like these ‘coaches’ wouldn’t, it doesn’t make sense to go for these types of bonuses. Stick with your offer – it’s a killer if people actually realise”.
Question 6 - I live in a different country. Will ASM work outside of the US?
Every person answered ‘Yes’. A common theme was that more than half of the students sell in multiple countries where conversions seem to be higher. They mentioned targeting countries that are just getting into ecommerce ‘is like profiting from the .dot boom again’. The main thing to keep in mind is you use the .com to set up your Seller Account – from that point on you determine your own markets.
Question 7 - What advice would you give someone who wants to buy the course?
The most common answer was ‘This is a real business model’. Many people will get into ASM and expect to make a million dollars over night. Or in a month. If you that’s what you want this is not the course for you. ASM is a business model – this course shows you everything you need to know to build a business. Out of all the people the was only one negative comment: “I enrolled into ASM 5 and I suggest not to. It has a high fee and you have to pay for inventory. I was left in the dark about selecting niches as well as other tools you need to buy from ASM or elsewhere”
Question 8 - Can I buy the ASM course with several people?
As far as we know you cannot buy one across different people. Please contact to find out their stance on multiple licenses.
Question 9 - As a current ASM member, do you think the course is overpriced?
The overwhelming response here was ‘Yes’ – most people believed this because they think the creators should have taken into account the additional costs such as stock, and this price point will hinder most people jumping on board. That being said everyone that has generated revenue have made their money back. They also mentioned a high entry point limits people doing what they are doing!
Question 10 - How long did it take to actually make money?
This was a staggered result. The quickest time frame was one month and the longest was 5 months – the only difference it seems was the product demand/niche and marketing efforts. If you are a quick learner and naturally good at analysing numbers, you are more likely to profit sooner than most. Everyone said it is difficult not to make money - you've just got to be smart enough which determines what that number will look like. ASM 6 will give you all that information you need, that edge, which will help take your Amazon business to the next level.

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