Amazing Selling Machine - What Exactly Is It?

Find out everything you need to know about ASM6.
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What will you find out?

The purpose of this page is to tell you exactly what you will get in the Amazing Selling Machine 6 course. If you are looking for a review, then please go the Amazing Selling Machine Review page and if you want to jump straight into the Freebies please visit the Amazing Selling Machine Bonus page. Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive course designed to help you learn how to sell products on Amazon. In simple terms, it helps you understand how to source products from wholesalers and send them via different channels to Amazon to be sold at a good price. This course has been developed and designed by renowned marketers Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.

What is new in ASM 6?

If you are familiar with ASM, you will know that there have been so far 5 admission classes, with the last one (surprisingly) called ASM5. Anyway, what we know is that they taken the best bits and feedback from students to create a new and improved structure for training modules. Let's find out what is new for the 6th release!

ASM 6 - Free Videos!

The creators of Amazing Selling Machine are releasing never before seen videos over the next week - We have exclusive access to this free content which you can view below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions over the ASM6 Course or need anymore information.

The $100m Opportunity

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ASM 6 Module Structure & Overview

  • Module 1: Set Up and Finding Hot Products 100%
  • Module 2: Choosing Your Product and Finding Suppliers 100%
  • Module 3: Listing Setup and Your First Inventory Order 100%
  • Module 4: The Listing Jump Start System 100%
  • Module 5: The Listing Launch Formula 2.0 100%
  • Module 6: Seller Operations and Brand Enhancement 100%
  • Module 7: The Ultimate Sales Accelerator 100%
  • Module 8: Outsourcing and Scaling 100%
  • Module 9: BONUS MODULES 100%
The first module of the program helps you set up and find lucrative product opportunities. This module explains everything about setting up a business with the productive Amazon Seller Central account. Moreover, it also explains how to properly analyze your choice of a product to be sold on Amazon.
The next module helps you learn to find excellent product opportunities with low competition and high volume. In addition to this, you also learn about designing and labeling your package. As a marketer, you can also learn about listing your products properly with appropriate keyword research. This module even walks you through proper on-page optimization to rank your Amazon listing higher in major search engines.
Another excellent module helps you learn about jumpstarting your listing in the right manner. This is extremely important to establish your affiliate marketing product on Amazon. The authors have also focused on the Listing Launch Formula 2.0. This is considered to be one of the most important modules. It explains the foundation to promote and drive buyer traffic to an Amazon product listing.
Various modules in this course also help you focus on brand enhancements and seller operations. This helps you generate brand awareness about your products and business. You can also learn more about sales strategies available for only Amazon sellers. When you’ve successfully established your brand, and achieve success regarding sales, another module can show you how to increase sales even further. You can also learn to manage profits and inventory. Moreover, you can also learn to review magnets to get positive feedback when compared to competition.
The last module of the course helps you learn about scaling and outsourcing. This can do wonders for your affiliate marketing business. It explains how to outsource your non-income generating activities. It allows you to focus on various income producing activities.
Consider module 6, 7 and 8 as 'bonus modules' - they each give you another edge within the Amazon marketplace. This particular module details how you can improve the image of your brand within Amazon and deals with Seller Operations in more depth.
This module will take you by the hand and show you have to sky rocket your sales. Once you have your traffic and impressions where do you go from there? How can you make insane conversions?
Outsourcing and Scaling shows you how you can completely automate your Amazon business and take a hands free approach. Do you like the idea of just watching your Amazon business grow without doing much? Well this is the module for you.

Some additional notes to keep in mind:

(1) Technology

Firstly, there is a whole new technology suite available to ASM'ers - It's set to contain lots of tools, both old and new.

However an in-depth overview of the Amazing Selling Machine Tools please click here, including an overview of the whole new ActiveLoop software tool.

(2) Community

Over the years the ASM course has been known for it's community. Within the existing community (bearing in mind there has been 5 launches) there is a large sense of comradery. ASM have now built a completely custom community for its members which is private.

The private community is said to be the most active for people with Amazon businesses. Participation will help build your business at a faster rate as you can take learnings from others. What's even better? Having this community at the tip of your fingers.

Well, guess what. ASM are launching a Mobile App (iOS & Android) which will have you in reach of the ASM Community at all times.

(3) Mentors

 There is nothing more gripping than seeing normal people like yourself that have bought the course, and actually done well with it. The ASM Mentors are exactly this: normal people who have just gone on to make it. They are there for all members as Mentors and go to people.

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How much does Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

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