Social Secrets - What Exactly Is It?

Find out everything you need to know about SS 3.0
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What will you find out?

The purpose of this page is to tell you exactly what you will get inside the Social Secrets 3.0 course - If you are here for the Freebies please visit the Social Secrets Bonus page. Social Secrets is a comprehensive course designed to help you learn how to sell using Social Networks. In simple terms, it shows you how to capitalise on Social Traffic using Social Data correctly - When this is implemented in the way Social Secrets (SS) teaches you, it is near enough impossible not to succeed. Many people have 'tried and tested' social marketing - but they are missing one major piece of the puzzle: Social Secrets. SS gives you the tools and strategies to create and execute hugely successful Ad Campaigns. Social Secrets comes from the Amazing Selling Machine creators, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, who had previously released SS and it's great success has led to a 3.0 Version - So what is exactly new in this?

Social Secrets 3.0?

If you are familiar with SS, you will know that there have been so far 2 admission classes, with the last one (surprisingly) called SS 2.0. Anyway, what we know is that they taken the best bits and feedback from students to create a new and improved structure for training modules. Let's find out what is new for the 3rd release!

Instagram and Facebook - Really?!

Social Secrets 3.0 is going somewhere where no other has gone. Instagram has rolled out their new Ad Platform recently and it is absolutely BLOWING up industries, especially those selling physical products. SS 3.0 shows you how to capitalise on the Instagram selling platform right now whilst it is about to Boom.
Social Secrets 1 & 2 literally drove Millions in sales for lot's of Amazon business owners. SS 1&2 was mainly focused on Facebook Ads, so SS 3.0 takes that successful platform with now the added Instagram approach.

What will you learn in Social Secrets 3.0?

  • Facebook and Instagram Platforms - Everything you need to know
  • Campaign & Ad Set-up - Setting up Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads
  • Targeting & Segmentation - Creating Powerful data driven Audiences for your Campaign & Ad
  • Ad Funnels - Funnels that drive the best results for selling your products
  • Landing Page (LP) Optimisation - Creating the most effective LPs to go hand-in-hand with your Campaign
  • Image & IUI Visual Optimisation - Taking Advantage of the Instagram User Interface (IUI)
  • Scaling, Retargeting & Ad Optimisation - ADVANCED Strategies to take campaigns to the Next Level
  • Split Testing & Data Evaluation - Understanding Key Metrics to create even more successful campaigns


SS 3.0 - The FB Webinar - Download


SS 3.0 - The Google Hangout - Download


SS 3.0 - The Instagram Webinar - Download


Social Secrets 3.0 Module Structure & Overview

  • Module 1: Amazon + Facebook + Instagram 100%
  • Module 2: FB & Instagram Ads Basics + The FP Booster 100%
  • Module 3: Direct to Amazon Ad Campaign 100%
  • Module 4: Instagram Ads to Amazon Campaign 100%
  • Module 5: Single-use Coupons Campaign 100%
  • Module 6: The Email List Builder Campaign 100%
  • Module 7: Scaling and Ad Optimisation 100%
  • Module 8: Autoresponder Campaigns with Instagram 100%
  • Module 9: BONUS MODULES 100%
Module Overview:
  • The power of Facebook and Instagram + Amazon
  • Join the Facebook Help Group
  • Create an Instagram Account
  • Getting started with Facebook Business Manager
  • Using Amazon promotions
  • Build a Facebook Fan Page
Module Overview:
  • Launch Your First Ad Campaign
  • A Breakdown of the Facebook & Instagram Ads Platform
  • All About Ad Placements
  • Audience Split Testing
  • Run Facebook Campaign: Fan Page Booster
Module Overview:
  • Generating Sales Driving Facebook Traffic to Amazon
  • Set Up an Amazon Promotion
  • Building Ad Copy
  • Creating or Sourcing Your Ad Image
  • Run a Direct to Amazon Ad Campaign
  • Tracking Your Results (Calculating Profits)
  • Manage Ad Comments
Module Overview:
  • Driving Consumers from Instagram to Amazon
  • ­Setting Up an Instagram Friendly Promo Code
  • ­Creating an Image for Your Instagram Ad
  • ­Run an Instagram Ads to Amazon Campaign
Module Overview:
  • Run Bigger Promotions Using Single‐Use Coupons
  • ­Create a List of Single‐Use Promotion Codes on Amazon
  • ­Using a Facebook Custom Audience Pixel
  • ­Build a Quick Product Promo Landing Page
  • ­Launch the Single‐Use Coupon Campaign
Module Overview:
  • Build an Email List While You Run Ad Campaigns
  • Setting Up Your Aweber Account
  • Writing Your First 4 Follow-Up Emails
  • Set Up a Conversion Actions For Your Custom Audience Pixel
  • Building an Opt‐in Landing Page
  • Launching the Email List Builder Campaign
Module Overview:
  • The Importance of Campaign Maintenance
  • Price Split Testing Campaign
  • Advanced Amazon Ad to Sales Tracking
  • Split Testing Ad Creative
  • Run a Retargeting Campaign
  • Using Facebook Reports to Drill Into Your Audience
  • Scaling Ad Campaign
  • Module 8 – Text‐Message Autoresponder Campaigns with Instagram
  • Module 9 – Facebook Multi‐Image Ads
  • Module 10 – Quiz Campaign for Product Research
  • Module 11 – Capture Emails Directly Within Your Facebook Ads

How much does Social Secrets Cost?

Many people ask about the Social Secrets structure - Please see below:

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